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Biopixels, Flashing Bacterial Colonies That Form Living Displays

Seriously inspirational innovation for your morning.

To succeed in an increasingly interconnected world, creative leaders avoid choosing between unacceptable alternatives. Instead, they use the power inherent in these dualities to invent new assumptions and create new models geared to an ever-changing world.
2010 IBM Creative Leadership Study
So with all due respect to Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and President Obama: Science, technology, engineering, and math are not the future. Or more precisely, they’re not enough. Workers at every level benefit from an education that emphasizes creative thinking, communication, and teamwork

Why Education Without Creativity Isn’t Enough

The Creative Leadership Academy

Creativity can be taught.

Complexity calls for today’s leader to employ whole brain thinking. CLA is uniquely designed to uncover, unleash and develop the business leader’s creative talents as a core competency. CLA is not a conference but rather a curated solution to an unmet need. You will understand by seeing; believe by hearing; and achieve by doing. Enrollment limited to first 150. Creativity can be taught.

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