that extraordinary moment when vexing problems vanish before the approach of deeply unexpected understanding.
Facilitating Serendipity with Peel-and-Eat Shrimp
Instead, idea generation needs to be like a river
The Oatmeal on finding sources of creativity

The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck (via)

Can every leader become a creative leader? In general, the answer is yes, but some people will find this transformation more difficult than others.
Every leader should study world’s creative achievers
I feel all the tension release from my body. It was amazing. When you work at something really hard, then working at something else is a vacation. I remember returning to work on The Avengers with a clearer eye and being more invested not because I have my art and this is my commerce but because the joy of storytelling is back.
Why You Need A Creative Shift Instead Of A Vacation, As Explained By Joss Whedon


Wow, this WILL blow your mind.  Or prove you’re dead to the world (if your mind isn’t blown).


It’s Mensa Mind Challenge Month! To celebrate the life of the mind, here’s this amazing video.

And here’s Mensa’s 1st challenge: 

Challenge #1: We suggest telling someone else three cool things you’ve learned about the brain. Teaching others not only helps them, it helps solidify facts and abstract thoughts in one’s own mind. Give it a shot!



Happy October! Behold this lovely tale of extra paper, folding fun, and the trans-dimensional colortastic geometric wow-fest that is the hexaflexagon!!

Can someone fold me a few of these and send ‘em over? That would be great. I fully endorse not paying attention in math class if you’re gonna do this instead.

(by the wonderful Vihart)


"Love it or hate it, it’s not going away. Crowdsourcing, community and co-creative initiatives are coming thick and fast"

"Love it or hate it, it’s not going away. Crowdsourcing, community and co-creative initiatives are coming thick and fast"

'Courage is the first of the human qualities, because it is the one that guarantees all others,” said the Greek philosopher Aristotle. And it's true, especially when it comes to creativity and innovation. Without courage, no creativity; without courage, no action; without courage, no innovation.
Creative leadership requires courage
The Creative Leadership Academy

Creativity can be taught.

Complexity calls for today’s leader to employ whole brain thinking. CLA is uniquely designed to uncover, unleash and develop the business leader’s creative talents as a core competency. CLA is not a conference but rather a curated solution to an unmet need. You will understand by seeing; believe by hearing; and achieve by doing. Enrollment limited to first 150. Creativity can be taught.

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